Iso Sketch Drawing Tool


The Iso Sketch Drawing Tool is a fantastic tool to help our STEM stars learn how to draw in 3D! Our STEM stars will be drawing like professionals in no time at all with this tool.


We want to encourage all children to explore and experiment with the way in which they communicate their ideas and inventions. Some struggle with the initial concept of drawing and sketching in 3D. This compact little tool will support all children in developing their 3D drawing skills.

Master 3D sketching in no time. IsoSketch® helps you create perfect isometric drawings in seconds, or intricate masterpieces with a bit more patience. Compact design, great for beginners, students and professionals.

IsoSketch is fully approved for use in AQA, OCR, Edexel, SQA & WJEC examinations and controlled assessment modules*

You may also want to purchase the IsoSketch® DESIGNPAD which is packed full of activities to help them to develop their drawing skills.


1 IsoSketch® 3D Drawing Tool