We are thrilled to be stocking the fantastic ‘Iso Sketch DESIGNPAD’ perfect step by step guide to help our STEM stars in developing their ability to sketch and draw in 3D. This is an absolute must for our STEM Stars!


For learners, the IsoSketch® DESIGNPAD is your step-by-step, 76-page, interactive guide to becoming a fully skilled-up designer. You will develop a whole toolbox of designer skills, pick up tricks of the trade and learn some of the important principles of good design, becoming a confident and skilled designer in no time.

The IsoSketch® DESIGNPAD is perfect for young designers in education, casual doodlers, anyone looking for a way to fine-tune their IsoSketch skills at College or University and even professionals in the world of work! Whether you’re at the start of your journey or held back by the crippling mantra of ‘I can’t draw’, the IsoSketch® DESIGNPAD will guide you through.

For teachers, the DESIGNPAD is a solution for your KS2, 3 or 4 curriculum, with 27 separate structured tasks including built-in assessment sections, keyword glossary and rough space for note making and concept generation.

Whether you learn or teach, you’ll sketch and reflect through the chapters, developing some great life skills along the way. With the right attitude, you’ll prove that anyone CAN draw with the right tools.

IsoSketch is fully approved for use in AQA, OCR, Edexel, SQA & WJEC examinations and controlled assessment modules*

You will need to also purchase the IsoSketch® to help you explore the guided activities in the DESIGNPAD

1 IsoSketch® DESIGNPAD