The STEM Workshop can provide you with educational experiences that are developed by STEM specialists, delivered by STEM specialists to address the curriculum needs.

Each of the workshops that we offer can be tailored to address your schools individual needs. They are written to address the national curriculum needs across Science, Design and Technology and Maths and allow for progression in learning within these subjects.

The workshops will engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and allow them to contextualize their learning across all other subjects. We are passionate in ensuring all children gain the right skills and experience to raise their aspirations across STEM.

Whatever your need and focus across your school we can tailor our workshops to address this. We can offer you routes focused on raising attainment and progress of all sub groups to include: SEND, Disadvantaged, Boys, Girls into engineering etc...

The workshops are fun and can engage students which can result in improving students attendance and also contribute to improving the mental health and emotional well being of a child.

We also offer training sessions for both primary and secondary colleagues to support them in the delivery of the STEM subjects.

STEM Workshops

Our STEM workshops can be offered as a full day or half day session, we offer a range of workshops tailored to your schools individual needs. We will provide all resources and planning for the sessions and we will also give you ideas for progression with these activities to support you in embedding STEM within the curriculum. 

We can also offer discount to schools who wish to block book workshops for the entire year to support your school in addressing the curriculum needs across Science, Design and Technology and Maths.

Each workshop is designed to promote various sectors within the STEM industry to highlight to children the exciting employment opportunities across STEM.

The workshop series we currently offer: Automotive, Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, CAD/CAM.

We can also tailor these to fit in with themes across key stages such as: Travel, Space etc…

STEM Training

We offer training sessions to support you in offering sustainable solutions to STEM education within your school. 

We can offer training within your school, or we can offer training across a consortium of schools.

STEM Consultancy

We can provide consultancy to your school, supporting you in reviewing and redesigning your STEM curriculum leading to better engagement and progress across the STEM subjects.

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