Conveyor Belt


Lets explore the world of mechanical engineering and how to get things moving using simple mechanisms (pulleys) you can design and make your very own conveyor belt using this simple step by step guide.


We want to encourage all children to explore and experiment. To become confident with designing and making products using their knowledge of Science, Design and Technology, Engineering and Maths. All projects are aligned with learning objectives across the STEM subjects. The resource card includes pictorial instructions, explaining how to design and make a conveyor belt using a simple pulley system. This project can also be modified so that it can be automated using a simple circuit.

Suitable for ages 8 – 11

This is a downloadable resource we will send you the link via email.

Included, step by step pictorial break down of how to make a conveyor belt and what materials are needed.

Learning objectives covered:

  • Science: Forces, electricity, materials.
  • Design and Technology: Mechanisms, pulleys and electronics.
  • Maths: Measure

Suitable for ages 8 – 11