Here at The STEM Workshop we can support your business in developing links with schools and young people to support your work in addressing the skills gap. We can support your business in addressing your corporate social responsibility.

We can develop STEM Workshops that are tailored to your companies individual skill set, promoting your company and the progression routes to young people. Please get in touch to find out how we can support you.

STEM Workshops

Our STEM workshops can be offered as a full day or half day session; we offer a range of workshops that can be tailored to your company. We will provide all resources and planning for the sessions to represent your company. We will leave the school with ideas for progression which will support them in embedding these skills within their curriculum.

Each workshop is designed to promote various sectors within the STEM industry to highlight to children the exciting employment opportunities across STEM.

The workshop series we currently offer: Automotive, Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, CAD/CAM

STEM Training

We offer training sessions to support you in providing STEM workshops in schools. We can tailor the projects to reflect your company skill set. 

We can offer training within your company, or we can work with your STEM ambassadors.

STEM Consultancy

We can provide consultancy to your company, ensuring your outreach programmes fit in with the curriculum to support you and your work with schools. 

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